Aegon Asset Management (AAM) is a global active investment manager that helps people achieve a lifetime of financial security. Led by ICON SPCT Charlene M. Cuenca, AAM began implementing SAFe in 2017 to align Business and IT on capacity and demand. In a year, AAM united their US, UK, and Netherlands divisions under one SAFe Portfolio and created a Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) capability that encompassed all 3 locations, providing an unprecedented level of openness and transparency. Another outcome was a wildly successful SAFe Agile Architecture program, and the positive results were shared in the above webinar. Today, SAFe practices and principles are integral to AAM, whose employees visibly protect the Lean-Agile way of working all the way up to the executive level. 


AAM Transformation Highlights:
  • United 3 different portfolios under one global portfolio process with a robust LPM capability, reinvigorating the communication between 3 offices and increasing respect for each other
  • Trained ⅓ of all AAM employees in SAFe (SAFe SM, SAFe POPM, SA, SP, RTE, leadership, architecture, SPC)
  • Coached and started Agile HR concepts
  • Formed a global enterprise LACE and an executive LACE (known locally as the Lean-Agile Transformation Teams, or the LATTe and the eLATTe)