Implementing Agile Transformation at Aegon Asset Management


Aegon Asset Management (AAM) is a global active investment manager that helps people achieve a lifetime of financial security. Led by ICON SPCT Charlene M. Cuenca, AAM began implementing SAFe in 2017 to align Business and IT on capacity and demand. In a year, AAM united their US, UK, and Netherlands divisions under one SAFe® Portfolio. They also created a Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) capability to encompass all 3 locations, which provided an unprecedented level of openness and transparency. Today, SAFe practices and principles are integral to AAM, whose employees visibly protect the Lean-Agile way of working.


  • Financial Services
Transformation Type:
  • Full SAFe® Transformation
  • Lean Portfolio Management
ICON Coaches: 
  • Charlene Cuenca
  • Tom Boulet
  • Align Business and IT on capacity and demand
  • Keep teams synchronized across borders
  • Reconfigure Global Architecture Organization 
  • SAFe v4.5
  • SAFe Agile Architecture Program
AAM Transformation Highlights:
  • United 3 different portfolios under one global portfolio process with a robust LPM capability, reinvigorating the communication between 3 offices and increasing respect for each other

  • Trained ⅓ of all AAM employees in SAFe (SAFe SM, SAFe POPM, SA, SP, RTE, leadership, architecture, SPC)

  • Coached and started Agile HR concepts

  • Formed a global enterprise LACE and an executive LACE (known as the Lean-Agile Transformation Teams, or the LATTe and the eLATTe)

Best Practices:
  • SAFe Agile Architecture Program - view the positive results in the below webinar: "Coming Down from the Ivory Tower Agile Architecture with SAFe."
  • Scaled Agile, Inc.
ICON and Aegon SPC Training Class

We saw SAFe as providing a unifying structure to get our different units working together in the same way.”

Aegon Asset Management - ICON Customer Logo


- Philip Johnson, Head of Global PMO, Aegon Asset Management

Case Study Aegon Asset Management | ICON explains agile transformation at Aegon

Coming Down from the Ivory Tower: Agile Architecture with SAFe®

This webinar covers the Aegon business agility case study, including:

  • SAFe Architecture Concepts

  • The AAM Transformation Story and how SAFe Agile Architecture was implemented

  • Challenges and how they were overcome

  • The AAM Architecture Team's current state and how it impacted the overall AAM Transformation (including metrics)

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