ICON provided Elekta with SAFe transformation and team coaching support from 2013-2019, as Elekta transitioned from Agile to scaling with SAFe. ICON trained and coached 2 SAFe programs and provided strategic guidance for the Enterprise. 

ICON designed and helped Elekta build a sophisticated continuous delivery pipeline that automated the build, test, integration, and release of 300+ custom components, in addition to several legacy systems under active development by teams all over the world. The product under development was a new, life-critical, cancer treatment system. The effort was a complete rework of their development and delivery workflow and developer experience. Due to the complexity of integrating the work and producing new versions for testing, the developer experience had come to a halt. Using the new approach, Elekta was able to complete and deliver a product that had been at risk. 

Elekta realized that building new products on their existing legacy systems and current architecture was a continuous challenge. To shape their next-generation cloud-native platform, ICON helped them assemble a team that delivered the end-to-end cancer treatment delivery and management systems. ICON led the conceptual design of this new platform and the pilot team in coding the first proof of concept prototypes. 

Elekta Transformation Highlights:

  • Agile Portfolio estimation & planning drives realistic Portfolio plan
  • Transparency through Rally tool, reports, & SAFe ceremonies
  • PI Planning provides both vertical and horizontal alignment
  • Cross-site and cross-functional collaboration
  • Improved quality