Kickstart Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) Workshop

Are you feeling like your organization's strategy gets disconnected from the execution - perhaps prioritization is a challenge or maybe you feel delivery timelines and scope are unpredictable? You're not alone. This workshop helps organizations solve challenges of...

  • Understanding resource capacity requirement
  • Achieving ROI and business goals as planned
  • Applying a lean framework to portfolio strategy
  • Obtaining visibility throughout every level of operations
  • Creating investment processes focus on market adaptability
  • Competing priorities across departments, operations, etc.

Great portfolio operations transform strategy into success and deliver value, fast.

This workshop was developed to help you ensure that the "lean" sticks, by working with you to reach your portfolio's highest potential with hands-on coaching and structured learning.

You will be assigned a SPCT or seasoned LPM coach who begins with a rapid assessment to provide you an objective, hands-on experience. Your organization’s specific needs and challenges are central to reaching the portfolio's full potential and claiming the value of the opportunities at stake.

Now, more than ever, companies that use lean portfolio operations to move fast and build new capabilities at scale are gaining competitive advantage.

This workshop is for you if you've...

  • Looked to "Get Started" with LPM
  • Progressed in agility and want to start LPM
  • Attempted LPM in the past and need help overcoming challenges

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How THIS Workshop Helps Attendees:

Our network of industry-leading experts and agile coaches solve operational challenges to meet leadership aspirations. We'll help you choose the best problem-solving approaches for your needs, pull from a rich arsenal of Scaled Agile expertise, and we'll show you how to reap the rewards of LPM with proven OKR insights.

But most importantly, we will enable you to achieve a new portfolio operating model that delivers both lean competitiveness across departments, and the flexibility to respond quickly to a changing world that requires true sustainability.

Workshop Outline:

  • Getting Started with LPM

  • Establishing Strategy and Investment Funding

  • Applying Lean Portfolio Management
  • Applying Agile Portfolio Operations

  • Applying Lean Governance

  • Implementing the LPM function

Workshop Takeaways:

  • Unify your cross-functional leadership team (portfolio, PMO, product, engineering, finance) on the benefits of LPM
  • Map your organization's current state portfolio functions to the desired state of your portfolio management operations
  • Conduct Value Stream Identification
  • Build your Portfolio Kanban to support your investment planning decisions and track major initiatives from funding through business outcomes
  • Create example lean business cases to ballpark cost estimating, viability assessment, and practice MVP definition
  • Define guardrails that enable overseeing budgeting spend with more accuracy
  • Perform resource allocation that matches your capacity and strategic aspirations

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