Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) is a global diversified technology leader serving customers in 150+ countries and reports $30 billion in annual revenue. ICON coached and trained the Access Control Division, which develops systems to help buildings achieve maximum security while increasing efficiency and lowering costs.

ICON also worked with Building Technology & Solutions, Power Solutions, and to implement SAFe with the goals of faster time to market and increased quality. ICON provided transformation leadership, coaching, and training and helped stand up JCI’s “Common Agile Practice Initiative.”

JCI Transformation Highlights:
  • Improved coordination among firmware and software teams across 3 locations.
  • Releases 2-4X more frequently than before.
  • Reduced size of bug backlog by at least 3X.
  • Delivers on commitments 100% of the time.
  • Customers and stakeholders appreciate opportunity to provide feedback during the development process—instead of at the end.